Friday, April 12, 2019

This just in:  A brand new anthology is set to be released for Mother's Day. The book features 11 award-winning best selling authors. It spans the gamut, from romance to paranormal, clean and warm, grab your copy today, while it's on preorder sale. The HEART Of The Matter: A Mother's Love. Proceeds from this anthology is going to help dress a man or woman in need of professional clothes for job interviews:

The brief blurb:

Where would we be without the LOVE of a Mother? That’s what’s so special about this anthology, it’s all about a Mother’s Love!
Romantic elements have always been the cornerstone of a good book to curl up with, and this anthology has it in spades:  It will delight, entertain and sometimes bring you to tears. The book features stories by a selection of best-selling and award-winning authors. They came together to bring you the following extraordinary collection:

The Scent of a Man:  Dr. Julia E. Antoine
Holding On to Love:  Solange St. Brice
One Night of Love: Izzibella Beau
No Greater Love:  Mariyam Hasnain
The blue box:  Jan Raymond
When Forever Ends:  Susan Hawthorne
A Very British Mother:  Lucinda E Clarke
Secrets of Lavender:  Brenda Mohammed
Dead Witch Walking:  T. A. Moorman
Welcome Home:  Erin Eldridge
Love Can Wait:  Melanie P. Smith
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