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Too Clever is the first in the series of the Too Clever kids. These are kids who are adventuresome, curious and inquisitive. They have very inquiring minds and are always looking for solutions to life's many situations. They have their own ideas on how things should be, and will go to great lengths to prove a point, to learn a lesson or to accept the inevitable. Come meet them, and see how they go about trying to prove or disprove the obvious.

Johnny lives on a tropical island in the Caribbean. He is excited about Christmas and the many traditions and customs that make this holiday his favorite. His only sadness is the fact that his Christmas tree always has only three presents under it, but this year, Johnny has an idea that will make it possible for him to have many more gifts under his tree.

  This book is the third installment in my Too Clever series. The book begins with Curious Mary's visit to her aunt and uncle’s farm in the countryside, where she spent her Easter holidays. The story covers Mary’s trip from the bus to the farm and her efforts to save her favorite pet, Esme the bunny, when she learns a terrible fate is planned for Esme on Easter Sunday. It is now up to Mary to save her best bunny pal.

Too Clever IV is the fourth book in my Too Clever series, as the name implies. In this story, Jeanie’s love of music and her determination to own her own musical instrument, a violin, is about to be put to the test, and her creativity challenged as she enters an essay competition with a $10,000 first prize award. Not deterred by the unusual topic given for the essay, Jeanie put her creativity to work and came up with not only the winning essay, but she also won a special prize in the process, which changed her young life forever.

Too Clever V is the fifth book in the Too Clever Series. The series began when the characters were first introduced in Too Clever, the first book. In this, the fifth book, Timothy has not given up on his desire to go visit the man and his dog in the moon. Now that he is about to turn nine, he can’t wait to open his birthday gift to find out if his parents had given him the one gift that he had been asking for ever since he was six – a trip to the moon. Will Timothy finally get his gift this year? Like all the “too clever” kids, Timothy finds a unique solution to his problem.      

On the shores of Long Island Sound, near the Connecticut River, lived a young boy who was so fascinated with the American Bald Eagles that fished in the waters near his home, he spent every free moment he had watching them. Everything about the bald eagles fascinated Jason, from the way they flew in the sky to the way they hunted for food. Even the way they built such huge nests grabbed his attention. No other bird flew like the bald eagles. To ten year old Jason, the bald eagle was awe-inspiring. No other bird species commanded such respect when in flight mode. The eagle's every movement was graceful and regal, even to the way it turned its head to look at him, and it did look at him as he gazed at it through his binoculars.

Eleven year old Cleo loves tomato sandwiches more than anything else in the whole entire world. She loves tomato sandwich so much that she had been trying, ever since she was six, to grow her own tomato garden. Now, finally, at age eleven, Cleo is making one more effort to grow a tomato garden. Will she succeed? And if she does, will it be everything she’d hoped? Read Cleo’s journey, as she sets about fulfilling one of her long held dreams.

Ten, almost eleven, year old Kacie went on a no dinner strike when her parents refused to prepare her favorite meal, Chicken and Dumplings. She had tried tears, tantrums, being a goody two-shoes, but nothing worked. So now, she has resorted to this dinner strike.
After two days on the strike, she would have given up already had it not been for the time she spends on the telephone with her best friend, Holly. Holly gave her encouragement which kept her going. She didn't know what she would have done without Holly. She shared everything with her. They were inseparable, that is until a new boy, Paul, moved into the neighborhood and began attending their school. Now Holly had no time for her, she was more interested in talking with Paul. Unfortunately, Paul was interested in talking with Kacie, what a dilemma. All Kacie wanted was to have chicken and dumplings for dinner and have her best friend back. Why do things have to be so difficult?
In this eighth installment in the Too-Clever series, young readers will once again relate to Kacie's growing pains as she copes with everything, from learning to make do, to almost losing her best friend to secret crushes.

Eleven-year-old Darell Ruben has been waiting forever for the momentous occasion of turning twelve. That’s when his body changes in preparation for turning thirteen. Then, he will have a hairy body like his dad, though not like his dog, Bobo, which is what he really wants.
He can’t wait to see the surprises turning twelve will bring. Will his body really change, as his mom promises? Darell is excited and nervous at the same time. What will being twelve mean to him, especially when twelve soon turns into the terrible teens that his mom was always going on about.

Written in simple, engaging rhyme, this book takes an educational look into how frequent communication with your child - can help him or her avoid some of the pitfalls waiting to ensnare him/her in a big way. Through stunning illustrations, the child will read along with his or her parent about being safe, staying safe, lean what is good touch and bad touch, learn about how important it is to be protected at all times, to discussing with mom and or dad, about any situation in which the child feels uncomfortable or unsafe. Emphasis is placed on telling mom and or dad if someone makes a habit of visiting the child while he/she is in bed, even if it is someone the child may know.

This is the Spanish version of Staying Safe. Check it out!

Mantente protegido es un libro maravilloso , ritmico e ilustrado, que busca animar a los niños a protegerse tanto en el hogar como en el vencidario. Es una herramienta para los padres como tambien para los educadores y por supuesto para los niños. La mayoria de las situaciones en que los niños puedan estar en peligro son exploradas en este libro. Los niños son puestos en situaciones en la vida real con varios escenarios cotidianos. Es un libro de 66 paginas ilustradas que les enseña a los niños que comportamiento es aceptable y cual no, para mantenerse protegido de algun peligro. Tambien cuenta con una nota extensa y detallada para ayudar a los padres, educadores y otras personas, que tienen el trabajo de orientar a los niños a protegerse en situaciones potencialmente peligrosas.

The ABCs of Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables is an unusual, softcover ABC picturebook - each letter of the alphabet is demonstrated for young readers with a full-color picture of a corresponding fruit or vegetable that can be found in the Caribbean. Additional black-and-white simple outlines of each fruit or vegetable encourage drawing, coloring, or tracing. The text is filled with amazing information about each food item. "The mutant-apple looking Quince is usually yellow, with a pronounced bump at the end. It bruises very easily. It is tart and occasionally eaten out of hand with salt but it can be made into jam, jelly or Quince pudding." In addition to being educational, The ABCs of Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables is a great way to help young people take interest in fresh and healthy foods! 

This is the Spanish version of The ABCs of Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables. Check it out!

Esta es una inusual copia de el libro de fotos El Abecedario la cual tiene un cover suave. Cada letra de el libro es correspondida con una fotografía a todo color de una fruta o un vegetal que pueden ser encontrado en Latino America y el Caribe. También puedes colorear, dibujar o trazar los esquemas de las frutas u vegetales en blanco y negro. El libro esta lleno de mucha información acerca de cada fruta u vegetal. Además de ser educativo El Abecedario de Frutas y Vegetales Caribeños es una manera extraordinaria para que los jóvenes tomen interés en comidas frescas y saludables.

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